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Ohio Regulates Opiate Recovery Clinics

In 2016, the Ohio legislature passed a law that regulates opiate recovery clinics.  Ohio regulates opiate recovery clinics because they wanted a doctor to be ultimately responsible for the conduct and care in such facilities. 

Ohio Regulates Opiate Recovery Clinics To Require Physician Ownership

Previously, opiate recovery clinics could be owned by people who were not licensed physicians.  Now, a facility that provides opiate recovery treatment that includes drug-administered assistance, such as suboxone, must be owned by an Ohio licensed medical doctor.  Prior to this law, one had to be a doctor to prescribe drugs to wean people off of their drug addiction.  Now, this doctor must also own the clinic in which he or she operates. 

Ohio Regulates Opiate Recovery Clinics To Require Specific Licenses

Opiate recovery clinics that administer drugs to treat addiction must obtain a license to do so.  Such licensing is called a category III terminal distributor of dangerous drugs license.  The license must also have an office-based opioid treatment classification. 

Ohio Regulates Opiate Recovery Clinics To Require Background Checks

Owners of these facilities must submit to a criminal records check and send the results to the Pharmacy Board for review.  Employees of such facilities must also submit to a criminal records check.  The opiate recovery clinic cannot employ any person who has been convicted of or pled guilty to any federal felony theft or drug offense or drug offense in Ohio or another state.

Ohio Regulates Opiate Recovery Clinics With Criminal Penalties

Failure to comply with the new regulations is a felony of the fifth degree.  Felonies of the fifth degree are punishable by six to twelve months in prison.

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